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There’s no better way to keep your face safe and look good doing it! Grab yourself a Skull™ for your next adventure.

The Skull™ features double-layer lenses to keep wind, dust, pebbles, and other debris out of your eyes. The lenses also protect against UV rays and help to prevent accidents caused by sun glare. This mask is the perfect companion for riders around the world looking to enjoy the outdoors without risking their eyes and face.

The mask can be used for:

  • Motorcycle
  • Bicycle
  • ATVs
  • Snow Sports
  • Buggies, and many other

The trouble that users often encounter is that the lenses are foggy. The product set up layers of barriers to give users a clear visual enjoyment.

Protection & Comfort 

With its soft, multi-layer sponge lining, this mask fits comfortably onto your face and keeps you safe all ride long.

Double lens 

The premium lens construction of this mask ensures UV protection and offers a great shield against flying debris.

Double-layer lenses, so that a layer of sealed air between the lenses, to ensure that the air inside the lenses is warm and dry.

The coating on the surface of the lenses is exquisite in appearance, which can effectively refract the glare of the lens and make the transmittance clearer.

Breathable foam film design

Fitted with a breathable foam layer, this mask effectively drains moisture and allows for optimal ventilation. This design also helps to keep the lenses from fogging during your ride.

Multi-layer sponge

The multi-layer sponge provides softness and head comfort which is very important if you use it every day.

Anti-skid belt

A good mask is supposed to make your ride better, not get in your way! Luckily for you, this mask is fitted with an anti-skid belt to ensure it fits just right from start to finish.

Our Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Gari Devies

Fantastic quality, very well made and very comfortable.
Super fast shipping to US.
I highly recommend 👌I will scare 😱 the crap out of people on my quad 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

You can wear your prescription sunglasses under the mask as long as they're not too big.

The lens size is large enough and your peripheral vision will not be significantly impaired.

The product set up layers of barriers to give users a clear visual enjoyment. The mask is with double-layer lenses and ensures that the air inside the lenses is warm and dry.

We have different options. The masks that have coloured lenses are for sunny weather and the ones that have clear lenses are suitable for both day and night riding.

The lenses of the mask can not be changed or replaced. Therefore, we have made sure that you can find different combinations and colors on our website according to your style and taste.

Customer Reviews

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John M Wharton
Great product at a good price

Really solid made product

Fire mask

Great customer service,I received my mask quick.I recommend this product and the mask is fire.

Sean Fossey
Skull mask

It is amazing. Doesn’t fog up on me, comfortable, and turns a lot of heads. Love it. Gonna buy another one

Shane Raison
Lux mask

Great mask everything great except I can’t smoke now and I can’t do a full head check properly while riding!
Besides that it’s very light great to see out of and easy to breath and looks tiptop I believe :-D

Akeau Potoru
Skull mask

I love the new skull mask I received. Very light and comfortable.

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