Peaky Helmet ™
Peaky Helmet ™
Peaky Helmet ™

Peaky Helmet ™

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Don’t you just love the style of those old-school motorcycle helmets? Don’t you like that classic, vintage look that has just the right amount of bygone-era style with today’s functionality and safety? Don’t you miss the golden years of classic motorcycles, cool hipster bikers who defined the look we all remember so fondly? We do. That’s why we present to you the new Motorcycle Vintage Helmet!

High-Quality Carbon Fiber & Abs Shell

This helmet has great visibility. Your face is open so you can see the full road ahead, without any obstructions. It also gives you nice mobility since you can move your head in most directions and the lightweight nature of these helmets also makes them very comfortable. This also eliminates fatigue and minimizes the chance of creating neck issues.

Choose the right size for you

 Always refer to the size chart to select the perfect size for you. If you need further assistance our sales staff is always there to help you. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love it

Like it very much, fast shipping. The helmet is great. Recommended product. Recommended store, good size, no problem with sizing.

Very Classy

Very classic style. Like it very much, fast shipping. The helmet is great and the gift is great. Recommended product. There is no problem with the size. The staff was very patient and solved my problem.


The design is very nice, and it has properly realized the feeling of real carbon. XL or L size is recommended for people with long head and head spacing. The hunting cap design just looks good for people with big hair, but you need to choose the size well. If you have a big head, start with XL unconditionally. It is a design that has no regrets.

Great details

The size of the helmet is very suitable, and the bright side is very beautiful. like it very much. Great details, the mask is also very practical.

Andrew Davis
Not what i was expecting

Looks Great just not my type of helmet. thought it was a different helmet..

Top Quality

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